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Charles Bridge and its Role in Creating the Atmosphere of the Czech Capital. Who are the “Creators”?

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HANÁKOVÁ, Martina. Charles Bridge and its Role in Creating the Atmosphere of the Czech Capital. Who are the “Creators”? In CPUD´17 II.International City Planning and Urban Design Conference. 2017. ISBN 978-605-92-0773-7.
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Basic information
Original name Charles Bridge and its Role in Creating the Atmosphere of the Czech Capital. Who are the “Creators”?
Authors HANÁKOVÁ, Martina.
Edition CPUD´17 II.International City Planning and Urban Design Conference, 2017.
Other information
Original language English
Type of outcome Presentations at conferences
Field of Study Archaeology, anthropology, ethnology
Country of publisher Turkey
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
Organization Filozofická fakulta - Repository
ISBN 978-605-92-0773-7
Keywords (in Czech) busking, Karlův most, Sdružení výtvarníků Karlova mostu, licence, Praha
Keywords in English busking, Charles Bridge, Charles Bridge Artists Association, license, Prague
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A: When visiting Prague one would not miss to cross the Charles Bridge. This Czech jewel older than 700 years connects “the Old Town“ and “the Lesser Town“. It is approximately 516 meters long and 9.5 meters wide. The bridge is formed by sixteen arcs and three towers situated on both sides of the bridge. Thirty baroque statues and sculptural groups are placed along the entire length of the bridge. However, not only these stony gentlemen create such charming character of the bridge. Apart from painters and artists, selling their paintings and products, there are five “artistic pitches“ for buskers on the bridge. Nevertheless, not everyone is allowed to perform. The buskers have to be chosen first by a special jury. The bridge is administrated by “The Charles Bridge Artists Association“ which selects the performers. This poster aims to examine these audition processes in more detail. It also discusses some possible advantages and disadvantages which busking brings to this place, supported by testimonies of buskers themselves. They are also introduced more closely as representatives of the art which has always had its special place in the territory of this important site of Czech cultural heritage.
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