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  1. Name: Sculpting Students´ Skills
    Year: 2017

  2. Name: Encouraging students' independence and motivation in a virtual classroom
    Author: KATRŇÁKOVÁ, Hana
    Year: 2017

  3. Name: International Criminal Court and Criminal Liability of the President of the Republic in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
    Author: KOUDELKA, Zdeněk
    Year: 2018

  4. Name: Implementing efficient concerted rotations using Mathematica and C code
    Author: TUBIANA, L., Miroslav JURÁSEK and I. COLUZZA
    Year: 2018

  5. Name: Husaři, Hegel a dějiny
    Author: KYLOUŠEK, Petr
    Year: 2019

  6. Name: Management and Diversity Management in SMEs in The Czech Republic
    Author: MARIE ŠAFRÁNKOVÁ, Jana and Martin ŠIKÝŘ
    Year: 2019

  7. Name: Text and Data Mining of Grey Literature for the Purpose of Scientific Research
    Author: MYŠKA, Matěj
    Year: 2017

  8. Name: Open Science and the Science-Society Relationship
    Author: LAKOMÝ, Martin, Renata HLAVOVÁ and Hana MACHÁČKOVÁ
    Year: 2019

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