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  1. Name: How to Divide the Responsibility for a Repository Between Employer and Employee
    Author: KOŠČÍK, Michal
    Year: 2015

  2. Name: Safe Path Planning Using Cell Decomposition Approximation
    Author: ABBADI, Ahmad and Václav PŘENOSIL
    Year: 2015

  3. Name: Ochrana subjektivních práv ve veřejné službě
    Author: POTĚŠIL, Lukáš and Nikola JÍLKOVÁ
    Year: 2016

  4. Name: Specifics of financial performance of subsidiaries of multinational corporations in the Czech Republic
    Author: ŠAFROVÁ DRÁŠILOVÁ, Alena
    Year: 2015

  5. Name: Blacklist-based Malicious IP Traffic Detection
    Author: GHAFIR, Ibrahim and Václav PŘENOSIL
    Year: 2015

  6. Name: Differences between knowledge and information management practices: empirical investigation
    Author: KRČÁL, Michal and Michal KUBIŠ
    Year: 2016

  7. Name: The Impact of Discount Rate on Commercial Rates in the Czech Republic: The Cybernetic Approach
    Author: KALOUDA, František
    Year: 2014

  8. Name: Sovereign Debt Rating
    Author: ŠULCOVÁ, Eva
    Year: 2015

  9. Name: Using Analogy in the Uncodified General Area of Financial Law
    Author: NECKÁŘ, Jan
    Year: 2015

  10. Name: A Survey on Network Security Monitoring Systems
    Author: GHAFIR, Ibrahim, Václav PŘENOSIL, Jakub SVOBODA and Mohammad HAMMOUDEH
    Year: 2016

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