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  1. Name: PhiGARo: Automatic Phishing Detection and Incident Response Framework
    Author: HUSÁK, Martin and Jakub ČEGAN
    Year: 2014

  2. Name: The role of exchange rate dynamics in Bulgaria and Romania in the process of economic transition
    Author: NĚMEC, Daniel and Libor ŽÍDEK
    Year: 2014

  3. Name: Cloud-based Security Research Testbed: A DDoS Use Case
    Author: JIRSÍK, Tomáš, Martin HUSÁK, Pavel ČELEDA and Zdenek EICHLER
    Year: 2014

  4. Name: Desemantizacija bespredložnych padežej, ich častičnaja zamena padežami s predlogami
    Author: BRANDNER, Aleš
    Year: 2014

  5. Name: Efficiency of the European labour markets: The Case of Czech Republic (A Stochastic frontier model approach)
    Author: NĚMEC, Daniel
    Year: 2014

  6. Name: Ellipsis Marks in Interaction on Discussion Forums: The Case of Czech Pre-intermediate EFL Learners
    Author: TŮMA, František
    Year: 2014

  7. Name: Ochrana subjektivních práv ve veřejné službě
    Author: POTĚŠIL, Lukáš and Nikola JÍLKOVÁ
    Year: 2016

  8. Name: Dominance as a moderator in the relationship between leader's warmth and effectiveness
    Author: PROCHÁZKA, Jakub, Martin VACULÍK and Petr SMUTNÝ
    Year: 2014

  9. Name: The hysteresis erosion of the discount rate control potential in CR conditions – behavioral solution
    Author: KALOUDA, František
    Year: 2014

  10. Name: Efektivní vůdcovství: Integrující přístup
    Author: PROCHÁZKA, Jakub, Martin VACULÍK and Petr SMUTNÝ
    Year: 2014

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