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  1. Name: SAGUNA, Dan Drosu. Drept financiar public
    Author: BARTES, Richard
    Year: 2018

  2. Name: It Seems Superfluous to Want to Look for a Weak Point in the Book at all Costs
    Author: MAIELLO, Giuseppe
    Year: 2016

  3. Name: About European Sovereign Debt Crisis, or Why not Leave the Euro Area (review)
    Author: HELÍSEK, Mojmír
    Year: 2017

  4. Name: Vodní pohybové pohádky nejen pro předškoláky
    Author: VLČEK, Petr, Veronika PELCOVÁ, Denisa BODIŠOVÁ and Eva MLNAŘÍKOVÁ
    Year: 2016

  5. Name: Veřejné sbory
    Author: VŠETIČKA, Pavel
    Year: 2016

  6. Name: Po stopách bohyň z Podkarpatí a Polesí
    Author: MAIELLO, Giuseppe
    Year: 2015

  7. Name: The Future of the Euro (review)
    Author: HELÍSEK, Mojmír
    Year: 2012

  8. Name: Nuno Venturinha, Description of Situations: An Essay in Contextualist Epistemology (Review)
    Author: MÁCHA, Jakub
    Year: 2020

  9. Name: Jiří Trávníček: Za textem: Antologie polské sociologie literatury
    Author: VÁŇA, Jan
    Year: 2020

  10. Name: Euro Threatens Europe - Why, How and What to do about it? (review)
    Author: HELÍSEK, Mojmír
    Year: 2017

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