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  1. Name: Na hře závislí
    Author: DIFUMATO, Matteo
    Year: 2011

  2. Name: Ubohý panovník (parafráze na Pirandellova Jindřicha IV.)
    Author: PIRANDELLO, Luigi and Matteo DIFUMATO
    Year: 2012

  3. Name: Není Milán jako Milán
    Author: NOVE, Aldo and Matteo DIFUMATO
    Year: 2012

  4. Name: Pokřivený charakter
    Author: DIFUMATO, Matteo
    Year: 2013

  5. Name: Champ libre
    Author: GÉNOT, Jacques and Matteo DIFUMATO
    Year: 2013

  6. Name: Hypermoderní dekonstrukce
    Author: DIFUMATO, Matteo
    Year: 2008

  7. Name: Marcolfa
    Author: FO, Dario and Matteo DIFUMATO
    Year: 2008

  8. Name: Sulla spiaggia
    Author: DIFUMATO, Matteo
    Year: 2012

  9. Name: Champ libre
    Author: DIFUMATO, Matteo and Jacques GÉNOT
    Year: 2012

  10. Name: Senso unico
    Author: DIFUMATO, Matteo
    Year: 2010

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