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  1. Name: Towards Functioning Personal Data Breach Notification in the Age of Internet of Things
    Author: KASL, František
    Year: 2019

  2. Name: Coercive Power Scenarios in the Classes Taught by Student Teachers (prezentace na konferenci ECER 2015)
    Author: LOJDOVÁ, Kateřina, Kateřina VLČKOVÁ and Josef LUKAS
    Year: 2015

  3. Name: Adaptation of Teacher Power Use Scale to Younger Learners, Student Teachers, and Czech Conditions (poster, EARLI 2015)
    Author: VLČKOVÁ, Kateřina and Kateřina LOJDOVÁ
    Year: 2015

  4. Name: Báze moci: verze pro studenty učitelství (BMS). Adaptace Teacher Power Use Scale na studenty učitelství a druhý stupeň základní školy
    Author: VLČKOVÁ, Kateřina, Jan MAREŠ and Stanislav JEŽEK
    Year: 2015

  5. Name: Teaching legal communication to undergraduates: Helping with the first steps
    Author: BILOVÁ, Štěpánka
    Year: 2015

  6. Name: ESP vocabulary building strategies promoting autonomy
    Author: BILOVÁ, Štěpánka
    Year: 2017

  7. Name: Critical Incidents in Clasess: How Do Teachers Deal with Them in Relation to Their Need for Cognitive Closure?
    Author: ŠKARKOVÁ, Lucie, Kateřina VLČKOVÁ and Kateřina LOJDOVÁ
    Year: 2018

  8. Name: Reception of Josef Suk’s Orchestral Works
    Author: CHARYPAR, Jan
    Year: 2016

  9. Name: Redressive actions following commiserations in online discussions
    Author: TRÁVNÍKOVÁ, Petra
    Year: 2017

  10. Name: Digital competences in computer-supported collaborative learning
    Author: POLÁČEK, Jiří
    Year: 2018

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