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  1. Name: Remediation of Sign Texts as the Theme of Cultural Studies
    Author: PAVELKA, Jiří
    Year: 2016

  2. Name: The implications of a newly developed oral test in Business English: Are we heading in the right direction?
    Author: HRBÁČKOVÁ, Jiřina and Milan BOHÁČEK
    Year: 2016

  3. Name: Nový postup EU pro posílení právního státu
    Author: SEHNÁLEK, David
    Year: 2016

  4. Name: Prostate tumor attenuation in the nu/nu murine model due to anti-sarcosine antibodies in folate-targeted liposomes
    Author: HEGER, Zbynek, Hana POLANSKÁ, Miguel ANGEL MERLOS RODRIGO, Roman GURÁŇ, Pavel KULICH, Pavel KOPEL, Michal MASAŘÍK, Tomas ECKSCHLAGER, Marie STIBOROVA and Rene KIZEK et al
    Year: 2016

  5. Name: Distributions of vascular plants in the Czech Republic. Part 2
    Author: KAPLAN, Zdeněk, Jiří DANIHELKA, Jitka ŠTĚPÁNKOVÁ, Libor EKRT, Jindřich CHRTEK, Jiří ZÁZVORKA, Vít GRULICH, Radomír ŘEPKA, Jan PRANČL and Michal DUCHÁČEK et al
    Year: 2016

  6. Name: GEN.SG = NOM.PL : A mystery solved?
    Author: CAHA, Pavel
    Year: 2016

  7. Name: Bumbling Idiots or Evil Masterminds? Challenging Cold War Stereotypes about Women, Sexuality and State Socialism
    Author: GHODSEE, Kristen and Kateřina LIŠKOVÁ
    Year: 2016

  8. Name: When Age Matters: Patterns of Participative and Communicative Practices in the Czech Republic
    Author: MACKOVÁ, Alena, Hana MACHÁČKOVÁ, Jakub MACEK and Jan ŠEREK
    Year: 2016

  9. Name: Effects of controlled oxidative stress and uncouplers on primary photosynthetic processes in vegetative cells of Antarctic alga Zygnema sp.
    Author: KAKKOU, Christos, Miloš BARTÁK, Josef HÁJEK, Kateřina SKÁCELOVÁ and Jana HAZDROVÁ
    Year: 2016

  10. Name: On Lie algebras of generators of infinitesimal symmetries of almost-cosymplectic-contact structures
    Author: JANYŠKA, Josef
    Year: 2016

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