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  1. Name: Traffic Measurement and Analysis of Building Automation and Control Networks
    Author: KREJČÍ, Radek, Pavel ČELEDA and Jakub DOBROVOLNÝ
    Year: 2012

  2. Name: Identifying Operating System Using Flow-based Traffic Fingerprinting
    Author: JIRSÍK, Tomáš and Pavel ČELEDA
    Year: 2014

  3. Name: KYPO: A Tool for Collaborative Study of Cyberattacks in Safe Cloud Environment
    Author: EICHLER, Zdenek, Radek OŠLEJŠEK and Dalibor TOTH
    Year: 2015

  4. Name: Protocol-independent Detection of Dictionary Attacks
    Author: DRAŠAR, Martin
    Year: 2013

  5. Name: Learning Robust Features for Gait Recognition by Maximum Margin Criterion
    Author: BALÁŽIA, Michal and Petr SOJKA
    Year: 2016

  6. Name: Network Defence Using Attacker-Defender Interaction Modelling
    Author: MEDKOVÁ, Jana and Pavel ČELEDA
    Year: 2016

  7. Name: Detection of DNS Traffic Anomalies in Large Networks
    Author: ČERMÁK, Milan, Pavel ČELEDA and Jan VYKOPAL
    Year: 2014

  8. Name: The impact of exchange rate changes on inflation in the V4 countries in the process of economic transition
    Author: ŽÍDEK, Libor and Daniel NĚMEC
    Year: 2013

  9. Name: Agent-based simulation as tool for teaching principles of microeconomics
    Author: KVASNIČKA, Michal
    Year: 2014

  10. Name: POSTER: Reflected attacks abusing honeypots
    Author: HUSÁK, Martin and Martin VIZVÁRY
    Year: 2013

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