GUZI, Martin and Brian FABO. Geography of new employment dynamics in Slovakia. Luxembourg.: ESPON, 2021. 52 pp. ISBN 978-2-919816-00-2.
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Original name Geography of new employment dynamics in Slovakia
Authors GUZI, Martin and Brian FABO.
Edition Luxembourg. 52 pp. 2021.
Publisher ESPON
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Original language English
Type of outcome Research report
Country of publisher Czech Republic
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ISBN 978-2-919816-00-2
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The report focuses on regional socio-economic developments in Slovakia from 2013 to 2020 and draws attention to likely impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. It presents evidence on Slovak labour market conditions, business demography, education trends, and population and migration dynamics, focusing on recent trends in the knowledge economy (KE) in the country. The report also summarises the development of policies and institutions in the relevant areas vis-à-vis the recommendations of international organisations. The findings of the report point to high territorial segmentation. The Bratislava region, in particular, stands out with high values for KE indicators, favourable labour market and socio-economic conditions, and a positive population dynamic in comparison to other regions in the country.
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